Par 3

6th Hole

6th Hole 6th Hole COURSE GUIDE Par 3 Mens 131 m Ladies 126 m 6th Hole Another short but challenging par 3. The hole is all downhill and the green slopes from front to back, this leads to the hole … Read More

8th Hole

8th Hole 8th Hole COURSE GUIDE Par 3 Mens 153 m Ladies 148 m 8th Hole There is no easy way to hit this green other than to load up, hit it high and land it soft on the green … Read More

11th Hole

11th Hole 11th Hole COURSE GUIDE Par 3 Ladies 151 m Mens 155 m 11th Hole A fairly straight forward hole, but still should not be taken lightly. A mid to long iron will be required from the back tee … Read More

13th Hole

13th Hole 13th Hole COURSE GUIDE Par 4 Ladies 127 m Mens 132 m 13th Hole Once again pin position is the key. The green is about 40m long so what club you are hitting can vary massively. The only … Read More