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Driver – Get Your Set Up Right

As a golf coach, I often can tell when a golfer is going to hit a poor drive before they start their swing. The usual giveaways are poor alignment, ball position and body angles. Below are a few basic exercises you can do at home to improve your set up which result in more consistent golf shots.

Practice your driver set up in front of a mirror or glass doors where you can see your reflection (face on)

  1. Wide stance – distance between feet a minimum of shoulder width
  2. Weight 50/50 – lift both feet up and down off the ground a few times until you settle in an athletic stance with even weight distribution between each feet
  3. Tilt Shoulders – for a right handed golfer, the left shoulder must be higher than the right shoulder to create a slight tilt in your upper body.
  4. Ball Position Forward – ensure driver head is placed forward in stance (ideally in line with left toe for a right hand golfer)

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